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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pretty Petals All in A Row

Hello Blog Friends!
Baby Girl Quilt is finished!  I've given it a proper name, Pretty Petals All in A Row.
I quilted it in what I call a "whimsical" meander, including curliques.  I used a high loft batting because this is for a baby, then a young child.  I wanted to maintain its "squishability" factor. 
Pretty Petals will move on to its new owner in just a few weeks.  "So long, and I hope you cradle and comfort your new owner well."
I'll be back soon with more news soon...

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Hello Blog Friends,

While on our travels around the state for the Wisconsin State Shop Hop last month, I visited Barn Door Quilts in Sturgeon Bay.  I've visited this shop many times, and love the selection and the samples they have made up.  I've purchased fabrics from this shop for several quilts and projects I have made.

I have seen samples of row quilts hanging in the shop many times.  Mom has commissioned me to make a baby quilt for a gift she want to give to the daughter of a close friend and neighbor.  I found the following fabrics, and as you can see, they are cut for sewing into the row quilt.  The mother-to-be knows her baby will be a girl.  I wanted to choose a main print that this little girl can grow into, instead of something definitely babyish.  I think these fabrics are perfect...what little girl doesn't just love pink, purple and flowers?

Since I'm under a deadline for this project, I will be completing it in the next couple weeks, in plenty of time for Mom to give as a shower gift!

I'll be back soon with the finished project...

Wisconsin Quilt Shop Hop 2014

Hello blog friends,

I've been doing a little traveling the past couple of weeks...to quilt shops, of course!  The Wisconsin Quilt Shop Hop took place all last month, and I've been working on completing all the visits in my own section.  Although I would love to visit shops in other sections, it is hard when you work full time...somehow my boss might not understand if I took a couple of weeks off to shop.  Come to think of it, my husband might not think too much of that idea either!  LOL

My husband is a very good guy, however, and has acted as my companion and driver on the Saturdays in June.  On June 6, we traveled to Sturgeon Bay and to Green Bay to collect the stamps for those shops.  This past Saturday, June 13, we traveled south to West Bend, Thiensville, took a side trip to Plymouth, then to Sheboygan, then Mishicot, then back home to Appleton.  We traveled to Plover for another stamp in the passport, and finally finished our local section last Saturday, June 28 in Oshkosh.  We don't mind the driving, though, because we love Wisconsin and never tire of looking at the farm fields in the countryside and turn of the century downtown buildings in the cities and towns we visit.  We sometimes see what we term the "odd and unusual" in our travels.  Saturday, we saw a (no kidding) submarine on a trailer.  I didn't have the camera out, so sadly, no picture.

2014 is the third year of the Wisconsin Quilt Shop Hop.  Over 70 shops all over the state are participating this year, and a special collection of fabrics unique to the shop hop are available.  You can get more information at the WIQSH website (click here for the link).  I've purchased all the fabrics needed for the quilt I've designed.  Here are the fabrics I'll be using:

I just love this print of old postcards from around the state.  This fabric called to me and grabbed on to me (you fellow quilters understand what I mean by this.).  I have a guest room that has been in need of something and is perfect for this fabric.  I'll show you that next post and you'll see what I mean.

Here is a collage print of the history of Wisconsin and some symbols of our state.
This postmark print goes hand-in-hand with the postcards.

There are some other prints in the collection as well.  I'll incorporate some of them into the finished quilt.  I'll be back soon with a progress report.

Until then...