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Monday, October 30, 2017


Hello Blog Followers!

The happiest of Halloweens from me to you!  

I'm still working on my scrapping and hand sewing projects.  Till next time...

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Camp Grandma 2017

Hello Blog Friends,

I've been doing some scrapbooking this past week.  This project was begun at a scrapping retreat I attended in September.  I finished it up this past week.

This past summer, my three grandkids (Zach, Hailey and Bridget)  from West Bend visited for a few days.  We visited the zoo, went to a baseball game, and had fun at mini-golf and video games at a local sports park.  I have made each grandchild a mini book as a keepsake.  These will be one of their gifts for Christmas this year.  

The format is an accordian book.  It consists of a front and back cover and connected pages in between.  When you "read it" and turn the pages to the right, it is a continuous book.

Front cover:

 Inside first two pages:  

Inside second two pages:

Back cover:

Inside third two pages:

I love how it turned out.  It was an ambitious project...remember, I made not only one, but three.  More scrapbooking projects next post.  Till then...

Monday, October 16, 2017

Just Call Me "The Bag Lady"

Hello Blog Friends,

Well, I've been busy these past couple of weeks, working on some smaller projects.  I did some rearranging of fabrics, kits, etc. when I started using my new sewing cabinet.  I was able to clear some space in my storage cabinets when I transferred some things to the drawers of the cabinet.  In doing so, I found some bag kits that I actually forgot that I had!  (Like this doesn't just happen to everyone, right?).  I decided to make them instead of burying them in the stack again.  All three were made from purchased kits.

This first one was purchased from Connecting Threads (online).  It was fairly simple to make.  A confident beginner could make this without too much trouble.  I like both the design and the fabrics.  It is made with a lining, a zipped pocket, an open pocket and box corners.  The outer bag is quilted with an open meander.  A pleat on each side and a flange add some design details.  I added a button to each side just above the pleat as an added detail.

This one was also purchased from Connecting Threads.  It is made using Soft and Stable and fusible heavyweight interfacing.  It also has a lining, open pockets and box corners.  It has a zipper closure and used a zipper panel, something I had not ever used before.  This bag is definitely for the experienced, intermediate skill level.  It is my least favorite bag.

This one is the last one completed, and my favorite.  I purchased it from a shop vending at a quilt show about five years ago.  The pattern is "Bethany's Bag" by Terri Staats of Sweet Treasures.  I like the fabrics and the construction details.  There is an outer pocket on both sides, and inner zipper pocket and an open pocket on both sides of the lining.  The outer floral panel is quilted in an open meander.  The lining bottom is set in the lining, and the bag is closed with a traditional binding on the top.  This is also for the intermediate skill level.  

So, now I'm done with bags for awhile.  However, it is time for the sewing machine to go in for its annual checkup, which is one year overdue.  So, I'm switching gears for the next few weeks and will be doing some hand sewing and some scrapbooking.  I'll check in with you soon with a progress report!  Till next time...

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Some Fishy Business

Hello Blog Friends,

Here is a quick project to share with you.  

I found his as a kit at a local quilt shop, Keep Me In Stitches in Appleton.  It was quick and easy to make, so easy, if fact, that I've made a couple more from other fabrics.  This one will be a gift for my grandson Conner, who loves to fish and likes to decorate his room with hunting and fishing items.  

I'm becoming a bag lady again.  Details l next time...

Monday, September 25, 2017

New Sewing Cabinet

Hello Blog Friends!

I have a new sewing cabinet...lovingly custom made for me by my husband Denis.  It has been three years in the making, and has been through several redesigns along the way.  It is a full 6 ft long, which gives a tremendous amount of working surface.  I took possession of it yesterday, and here it is, installed in my craft room:

I love the two sets of drawers on either side of the wide middle opening.  Now I can have my threads and tools close at hand while sewing, and not stashed in a cabinet on the other side of the room.  The drawers were custom sized to fit needs.

Denis is still working on a few finishing details...a full 6 ft back that will lift up to make more table space while quilting, the plug that fills the top where the machine currently sits  (I plan to use this surface as a scrapping workspace when not sewing), and a shallow drawer to fill in the open space just under the the top.  These items can be fitted in/on when completed.  I'm planning to use the small, shallow drawer to hold my various and sundry smaller and odd-shaped rulers.  It will be perfect for that!

What was I sewing on before the new cabinet?  I was using this cabinet, retrofitted for my new Viking.  Before this machine, I was using a hand-me-down machine from my mother (a Viking from the late 60's).  This cabinet was custom fit for that machine.  It served both of us well, but began to deteriorate several years ago, hence the need for a replacement.  Farewell, old friend...

Quite a difference, yes??   Thank you so much for my dear husband for making this for me.  It is truly a labor of love and I love him for doing it!

Until next time.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Pillowcases, Pillowcases Reprise No. 2

Hello Blog Friends,

More pillowcases to share with you:

These are very cool flamingo pillowcases, to be used on our upcoming trip to Florida in February.  Love the pink stripe accent fabric...reminds me of flamingo legs!

Here is a cute winter penguin print, it will be a Christmas gift for one of my granddaughters.

Here is a new one for me, just because I liked the main fabric.  The white is a tone on tone print.


Next time...some Fishy Business....

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Pillowcases, Pillowcases! Reprise...

Hello Blog Friends,

Well, I decided to clean up some of the smaller projects in my to-do list for this month, starting with this pair of pillowcases.  

These are for me, just because I just fell in love with the main fabric!  The red and black floral motifs on the white really appealed to me (and we all know how much I like those three colors together...remember Red & White & Black All Over from earlier this summer?).  I found this fabric at Royce Quilting in West Bend.  A lovely little shop...I always find something there that I like.

Till next week...