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Sunday, September 27, 2015


Hello Blog Friends,

Sorry I missed you last week...it was the final cleanout of my mother's apartment, and that took alot out of me!

I am happy to report, however, that I have blown the dust off the sewing machine, and am hard at work on my next project...a wedding quilt for a very sweet girl at work.  Heather is the same age as my youngest daughter, Kerri, and I think of Heather as a daughter.  

The quilt I chose for Heather and her new husband, Cort, is a flannel quilt, my absolute favorite fabric.  The prints all have an outdoor, woodsy feel, which is perfect for Heather and Cort, since they love the north woods so much.  Cort's family has a cottage in far northern Wisconsin, and they visit there quite often.  The prints and their love of the north woods also inspired the name of this quite, which is simply "Northwoods".

The fabric is all from the Winter In The Pines collection by Holly Taylor for Moda.   I purchased the fabrics and pattern as a kit from Jeri's Quilt Shop in Norway, MI several years ago, just after Heather and Cort were engaged.  It was one of those "Aha" moments...when I saw the finished sample, I knew it was the one I had to make for them.  Geri's is one of my favorite shops, and I visit it whenever we visit Denis' brother and his wife who live in Iron Mountain.  Lucky me, we are going again next weekend.  Geri's, here I come!!

Here are the darks:

Here are the light/medium half square triangle units:

And here is a finished block:  One down and 8 to go. 

A progress report next week...Till then...

Sunday, September 13, 2015


Hello Blog Friends,

It's been a hectic two weeks since I've last posted.  Labor Day weekend my brother, daughters, and I undertook the arduous task of cleaning out my mother's apartment.  We worked hard all weekend, but got most of it done.  Just a little more to do next Saturday, then it will be done.  My working life is busy as ever at the concrete plant. 

But, I was able to carve out an afternoon for myself and something quilty!   Denis and I set out for Madison, WI for the WPT Quilt Expo on Saturday.  Here are some of the quilts that struck our fancy:

Red Feathers by Claudia Myers.  Best of Show

Star Flower

Diamonds Bargello

Vintage Moments

Barn Quilt  (I wonder why this appealed to me?  LOL)

Labyrinth   Very Escher-esque

Cochise-Once they were like the wind.

Marilyn Monroe

We had an enjoyable time looking at the quits and I had fun visiting the vendor booths also.

I'm happy to report that I'm now caught up enough to finally start my next project...a wedding quilt for a very special young lady.  A progress report next week...