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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Butterflies, Birds & Blooms

Hello Blog Friends,

Since my last post, I've been diligently working on the quilt I started two weeks ago.  And, yes, to answer the question, I've finished before the deadline.

I've named this quilt Butterflies, Birds & Blooms for obvious reasons.  
Construction details:  borders were added around each printed panel block, strip sets were used for the pieced blocks, a flange was added between the narrow inner border and floral outer border, and the borders feature mitered corners.  I featured some leftover pieces from the printed panel and the border stripe fabric in the pieced backing.  
You can see the quilting pattern more easily from the back.  A cross hatch was used through the small green squares on the pieced blocks.  A stipple was used in the printed floral and butterflies block, and a simple outline was used around the printed border on the panel blocks.  A very whimsical, loopy large meander was used on the outer border.  

Finished size is 56" x 56".  Tomorrow I pass it on to my friend Sally, who will give it to her Mom on her birthday on Wednesday.  Happy Birthday Mrs. Childs!  Enjoy.

Next weekend I'll be at a scrapbooking retreat.  I'll share some of my finished work in next week's post.  

Till then...

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sewing on a Snowy Day

Hello Blog Friends!

I'm sorry I've missed the last couple weeks...a very nasty bronchitis got hold of me, and alas, I've been sick for almost two weeks.  There has been progress, but I'm told the coughing and congestion can last for awhile yet.  I pray for an early spring and an end to the sickness.
 Snow day today!  

It is a snow day today!  Here I am, at home from work on a Tuesday afternoon, it is snowing outside, and I've started my newest project.  It is a lap quilt with a spring theme...birds, bees, and blooms.  I've had this kit for some time, and I had planned to make it for my mother.  I am, instead, making it for a friend's mother, who has had a stroke and is confined to a wheelchair.  She loves bird watching out her picture window, and this quilt (I hope) will be a welcome companion this spring when the birds return to the feeder just outside her window.  Here's a sneak peak at the fabrics and panel squares that will be used in the quilt.  The lady's birthday is Feb. 24 (my deadline).  Will I make it?  

Stayed tuned for a progress report this weekend.