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Monday, August 7, 2017

Take It All Tote Bag

Hello Blog Friends,

Here is my latest creation, the Take It All Tote Bag.  This was a kit from Connecting Threads.  It was easy and fun to make.  This bag uses Soft and Stable to help it keep it's shape.  There is a minimal amount of quilting on it, and the only binding area is the opening where the wooden handles are.  The bag is fully lined with a pocket.

This one is my donation to the door prize drawing at our upcoming Crivitz scrapbooking weekend next month.  Those of you who follow me get the sneak peek!  I plan to make another one for myself.  

On to the next project.  What will it be?  Tune in next week to find out!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Black and White and Red Allover

Hello Friends,

I ended the previous post with a riddle for you...

What is red and white and black all over?  My next project, of course, aptly named Red and White and Black All Over.

While looking through my stash of fat quarters for Prismatic Rainbow, I found that I had enough in a red and white and black colorway using the Switchback pattern.  Here is the pattern by Purple Pineapple Studio.

Instead of rows of the same print, I mixed the prints up into a kind of wonky checkerboard.  Here is the result.  

I also added a narrow white and red print inner border, as well as a wider white outer border.  The binding is the same red fabric as the back.  I chose to quilt the center section in a free motion all over meander pattern.  This quilt will remain in my own collection also.

I will take both the the club meeting on August 5.  Here is another look of two different interpretations of the same pattern:


I guess it's on to the next project...but what will it be?  Tune in next post to find out!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Prickly Pear Scrapbooking Pages

Hello Blog Friends,

Last Thursday was our regular monthly scrapbooking night.  We made three 2-page layouts from Close To My Heart's Prickly Pear collection.  These are cute summer pages with a little cactus theme.  What do you think?

A Riddle for YOU:  What is Red and White and Black all-over?  Tune in for next week's post to find out!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Mary's Quilt Update

Hello Blog Friends,

I have an update to Mary's Quilt.  The top is finished.  

I found this setting idea in a great book that my friend Cathy leant me.  (And, I liked the book so much, that I purchased one for myself).  It is called Sensational Settings by Joan Hanson.  What do you think of this on-point setting?  I like it very much!

I haven't yet found the fabric for the back, so this quilt will hang out awhile in my sewing room while I visit local quilt shops looking for it.  I am still thinking, also, about how I will quilt it.  

Till next time...

Friday, June 23, 2017

No Worries!

Greetings Blog Friends!

I thought I would share the pages I made last night at Scrapping Group.  Thanks to my daughter, Kristy, for the design and leading us through successfully.  

The paper is from Close To My Heart "No Worries" paper packet.  Tropical in theme, it will be perfect for Florida or Hawaii pics (yes, friends, thinking about a trip to our 50th state next year!).

Here are the pages:

Meanwhile, back to the sewing machine.  More Show and Tell next post....

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Prismatic Rainbow

Hello Blog Friends,

One day a few weeks ago, I was out shopping and making the rounds of our local quilt shops.  One of my stops was Keep Me In Stitches quilt shop in Appleton.  KMIS is a smaller size shop, but it is packed to the rafters in quilt ideas and fun fabrics.  You can find them on Facebook.

The owner, Jacqui, has been running a Stash Busting Club since the beginning of the year.  Remember Seeing Red?  That pattern was the January installment.   I missed the next two projects, as I was tied up with other things.  The latest club project covers June and July and is based on this pattern:  

Switchback by Jacqui's daughter, Amy.  

I came home with the pattern and dug through my fat quarter stash, and found 12 fabrics suitable for a rainbow quilt.  I chose small, mostly tone-on-tone prints in various colors of the rainbow.   I wanted a slightly larger quilt, so I added the border and chose black, which makes the rainbow really pop!   The center rainbow section is heavily quilted in rows and rows echoing the zig-zag of the pattern.  Here is my rendition of this pattern:

I call it Prismatic Rainbow, and it is a done deal (finished with binding!).  This quilt will stay in my own collection.

A riddle for you:  What is Red and White and Black Allover?  My next project, of course.  Tune in next time for details.


Hello Blog Friends!

I have been very busy since my last post several weeks ago.  Multi-tasking is my middle name this month.  I have actually been working on four different projects, and I'll share them with you in the coming weeks.  First, however, is Flame...

As you can see, Flame is finished.  This is definitely a modern piece, somewhat of a departure for me, as I tend to prefer more traditional designs.  Every now and then, however, a pattern catches my eye and VoilĂ  , another modern design is added to my repertoire.

I first saw this wall quilt several years ago at Going to Pieces Quilt Shop in Appleton. The pattern is from the Modern Applique Workbook by Jenifer Dick. I used a fused, raw edge applique technique on the flames. Raw edges are sewn down with a blanket stitch. The background "sky" and "water" are both heavily quilted, which is also a departure for me. I used an echo quilting technique in the "sky" portion to suggest heat waves emanating from the flames. The "water" portion is quilted by free motion lines, close together and in a back and forth pattern. This is to suggest movement in the water.  The flames themselves are quilted very little, in order to make them stand out from the background.

My husband, Denis, will be making a wooden decorative wall holder for this item.  Soon it will be adorning my living room wall!

Till next time...

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Up in Flames

Hello Blog Friends!

No, things are not as dire as this post's title suggests...Just a little play on words from me to get your attention.

A little bit about my current project...it is a modern wall art quilt, somewhat outside my usual more traditional quilts.  I saw the finished sample in the store and it has the desired effect on me...I bought it.  

This is an applique quilt, and I have chosen to use a blanket stitch, however with thread matching the fabric piece, so the shapes seem to float on the background.  

Here are the main fabrics I'm using for this project:
 Shades of fabric from deep red to pale yellow.
Here is a close up of the fabrics.  I like them because of the gold accents.

Oh...and a little hint of the piece's name....Flame.   I'll let you ponder on that one until next time....

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Mary's Quilt

Hello Blog Friends,

Here is a little show and tell for you.  But first, of course, it starts with a story...Denis and I were out rummage sale-ing last summer  just south of Green Bay.  I happened upon a sale of all quilting stuff!  The entire garage was full.  It seems the lady who owned it all passed away, and her daughter was trying to liquidate some of it.  The lady also worked at a local quilt shop in Green Bay, so there were a lot of kits, some started, some not.  I picked up one of those kits, a series of 12 blocks, a BOM project for an entire year.  

The project was a study in using special rulers...easy angle, companion angle, and tri-recs.  I inherited the easy angle from my mom, and borrowed the rest from my quilting friend, Cathy.  Each block was a different pattern, and some seemed to build on lessons learned in previous blocks.

The blocks all used the same background fabric.  Instructions for cutting weren't always clear, and I made a couple of mistakes.  Because the fabrics included were barely large enough for pieces needed, I had to substitute from my own stash here and there.  All in all, I think they turned out OK.

I intend to set these blocks on point in a very unique and fun setting (from a book lent to me by Cathy).  The setting uses 11 blocks, which is a good thing.  The last block I tried was the most intricate, and developed issues when I tried to sew the sub-units together.  I don't know if I cut wrong or sewed wrong, all I know is that the result was wrong.  After ripping and re-sewing three times with no success, I gave up, threw it in the trash, cut losses and moved on.  

Here are some of the blocks that did work out OK:

I feel bad about not even knowing my benefactor's name.  And so, I've named her Mary.  And this will henceforth be known as Mary's quilt.

I have my next project on deck...a modern wall-art piece, quite unlike what I usually make.  But, I saw the sample in the quilt shop and loved it.  We'll see how it turns out.  Till next time...

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Scrapbooking News

Hello Blog Friends,

Well, my sewing machine is still lonely, but I'm finally caught up around the house enough to get back to it this week.  I will definitely have a sewing report for you next post.  

What have I been doing, you ask?  Well, I've been trying to manage the eBay listings I have online right now.  I'm selling various and sundry, odds and ends, old and new.  Just downsizing.  So far, I'm doing fairly well.  It is a time consuming process, however...choose the item, research the item, photograph the item, create the listing, ship it when it sells.  Then, there is the paperwork and sales records to maintain.  On average I make a trip to the post office once a day or so.

I have been crafting a little, tho.  A welcome respite from all the eBay work.  We had our regular monthly scrapbooking class.  We made pages using Close to My Heart's Little Dreamer paper packet and accessories.  Here are the finished pages, ready for photos:

So this couple of hours of crafting has gotten my creative juices flowing again.  The eBay listings can now take care of themselves for awhile.  Susan needs to get crafting again!!

Til next post...

Monday, May 8, 2017

Lonely Sewing Machine

Hello Blog Friends,

My poor sewing machine is lonely.  It has been more than a month since I've visited it, yet it stands ready to work for me!   April was a heck of a busy month!

Influenza.  Even though I dutifully get a flu shot every fall, I still got the Influenza at the beginning of the month.  Which really annoyed the heck out of me!  And we all know that sewing and 101 degree fever do not mix.

House Painting.  Just as I was recovering from the flu, the inside of our house was painted.  That meant moving furniture around, and although my craft room was not painted, it became a storage room for various and sundry furniture pieces.  I literally had no access to my poor sewing machine.

Spring Cleaning/Rummage Sale.  Our neighborhood rummage sale was just this past weekend, and we all know how much prep work is needed for that!  I've also been going through closets and cupboards and doing some major downsizing.  Here was our setup for the sale.

Scrapping Retreat.  Several weeks ago I was at a nice scrapbooking retreat just outside of Crivitz.  Here's my set up there:

I was able to finish the book from our Key West vacation in Dec. 2015, and also get caught up on an ongoing book of the plays and concerts that we see.  It was a productive weekend.  Here are some of my favorite pages from the KW book:

So, you see, I haven't just been sitting around sipping wine or eating bon-bons all day.  I've been busy, busy everyday, so much so that I don't know where the time goes.  Thank goodness I'm retired now...I don't have time to work outside the home!!

So, dear sewing machine, my plan is to come back to you beginning this week.  I have quilts to make and still have those UFOs to finish up.  Hang in there, I'll see you in a day or so!

And, I hope to have sewing news updates for all of you blog readers next post.  Till then...

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Spring has Sprung and So Have I!

Hello Blog Friends!

Just a quick post to share this pretty sight.  Daffodils on the south side of our house.

And here's another sight...my pile of stuff ready to load in the car for scrapbooking retreat this weekend.

A weekend away filled with scrapping, good eats, great scrapping sisters, chocolate, and wine, of course.

Till next time....

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Last week...not a total loss!

Hello Blogger Friends,

Well, I'm happy to report that I'm feeling much better after my bout with the flu.  Still a lingering cough, but I'm able to function at full capacity.  

Our home is now all put back together and I'm smiling every day.  Love the new paint job.  We eliminated an accent wall, and now everything looks clean and bright.  

I found out late last week that our neighborhood rummage sale will be happening in 3 weeks.  So, I've been spending time this week going through kitchen cupboards, closets and other nooks and crannies, cleaning and clearing things out.  Many of the items that were on display above the cabinets in my kitchen and on the walls are not going back and/or not staying either.  The downsizing bug has hit me, and I've cleared out quite a bit already.  My eBay seller account is also getting a workout.

Unfortunately, all this activity has not left any time for sewing!  But, I was able to take advantage of some of the time (while painting was going on last week) to do some scrapping.  I'll be going on retreat next week, and my goal is to bring several projects up to date.  To help that idea along, I pre-made some base pages, 16 in all.  I'll admit they look a tad plain, but all that really is needed is photos, some embellishments, a little journaling, and voila, finished pages.  These are all for my Plays and Concerts book.  I'm doing the entire book in the same paper collection (Laughing Lola from Close to My Heart).  

Easter is this coming weekend, and it will be a quiet one, the girls and families all have other plans.  I'm hoping to reacquaint with the sewing machine and make progress on the UFOs pile.  

Until next post....

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Brief Hiatus...

Dear Blog Friends,

I've taken a brief hiatus from crafting...the reasons are two-fold.

First, I've been sick the past week with the Influenza.  Which does not make me very happy, because I religiously get a flu shot every fall.  I guess this must have been a rogue flu bug that got me...it evaded the flu vaccine.  Needless to say, with a fever, nasal congestion and cough, I was not in very good shape to be sewing or scrapping.  I mostly sat on my couch and suffered.  This was me last week (LOL):

Second, the interior of our house is being painted.  This, of course, means things are out of place and out of reach.  And, the entire place is a mess.  My painter finishes up tomorrow, and hopefully we will be back to a normal routine by the weekend.

So that's my story for this week.  Hopefully, I'll have sometime of substance to show you next post.

Till then...stay well.

Monday, March 27, 2017

UFO's No More!

Hello Blog Friends,

My pile of UFOs (UnFinished Objects) is growing!  This is the view behind my craft room door...

The front quilt is the newly finished Town Square.  Backing is ready, it awaits quilting.  The red and white quilt top is Seeing Red, the top I made in January.  It is waiting a few pieces of applique, then quilting.  The poor black/grey in the back is waiting quilting and finishing.  It has been waiting patiently there for over two years.  Frankly, I need the space...these quilts have to get done and go to their respective places (my house...these are all for me!).  Quilting and finishing will begin in earnest next week.  

And, yes! I have been sewing this week.  An interesting story, a mystery and whole lot of half square triangles.    A show and tell will follow before I start the big quilting jobs.

Till then...

Saturday, March 18, 2017

South for the Week! Florida projects

Hello Blog Friends!

It is Florida week here in Susan's Craft Room.  I've been working on some smaller project this week.  

This first one is a birthday gift for my middle daughter, Kim.   It is a beach bag made from vinyl mesh and fabric with dolphins.  Dolphins are her favorite animal.  Kim and her family go to Florida at least once a year.  This will come in handy on their next trip to the beach.

Here is a wall hanging for Kim's mother-in-law, Helen.  Helen owns a house in Kissimmee, Florida.  She was kind enough to let us stay there for a week in early February.   It was nice to stay in a home setting, instead of a hotel for 7 days.  This cute little wall hanging is my way of saying thank you.  She has a few flamingos as a decoration already, so this one will seem right at home.  All fabrics and buttons were from my own stash, except the pink for the flamingo and the backing.  The large yo-yos add an interesting dimension to the piece, don't you think?  The pattern is called Simply Flamingo by Marcia Layton.  I found the pattern quite by surprise....one day we traveled from Kiss to St Augustine, but by way of Hwy 1 and A1A.  While passing through New Smyrna Beach, I spotted Seaside Sewing and Quilts.  The ladies within were very nice.  I found this pattern there...how perfect was that?   And don't you just love the backing?

Here is a pillowcase using Florida postcard fabric.  Also for my daughter Kim, so she can dream Florida dreams at night.

Finally, two more pillowcases, only these are for us.  The yellow one will be mine and the blue one for my husband Denis.  Now we, too, can dream Florida dreams all year round!

Up next...UFO sightings!  Till then...

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Hello Blog Friends,

As I mentioned in the last few posts, I made a Vintage Christmas Card Album not only for me, but as a gift for a friend.  In all, I made 3 such albums, each one unique to itself.  The two books with black covers are similar, using the same pages as bases.  The smaller, brown cover book is a slightly smaller size, and features both printed pages and clear pocket pages.   Each book also includes a title page, a dedication page (to Edna and Elmer, of course!) and a brief history of Edna and Elmer and how I found the cards.  Here is a photo of the three:

Some pages from the second book:

Some pages from the third (brown cover) book:
 This book also featured printed vellum pages.  "Christmas" is such a page.  The white area is a card mat adhered to the back side of the page.   The backside is shown below:

 Even after making three albums, I still had leftover cards.  I used them up by cutting some images and sentiments to fit into the clear pocket pages, like this one.
An example of the cute pre-printed pages in this book.

As you can see, all different and unique, as paper colors and page layouts were dependent on the cards.  This was such a fun project and I just love how they all turned out.  A nice respite from scrapbooking with photos!  Now to wait until next December to gift them at Christmas.

It is back to the sewing machine for me this week.  I'll give a report next post.  Till then...