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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Catching up

Hello Blog Friends!

It's been a busy couple of weeks, I've had a lot going on.

We had a very sad day on Aug. 5...our beloved kitty Betty passed away.  She blessed our lives for 16 years.  Here absence has left a very large void in our lives.  We miss her so much!

I haven't been able to make much headway on sewing projects since my last post...last weekend we were in Seymour, WI to Hamburgerfest.  Yes, it is rumored that Hamburger Charlie invented the hamburger at the County Fair in 1885 .  He was selling his meatballs at the fair, but they weren't going over very well, so he flattened them, put them on bread, and voila, the hamburger was born.  There was a parade, a giant 190 lb hamburger, bands, ketchup slide and a hot air balloon rally.  No doubt about it, small towns in Wisconsin know how to do a fest right, no matter what the reason!
Here's my brother Dave playing in the band at Seymour.  His band is called No Schtick.
The Ketchup Slide
Balloon Rally
It was a great day!
Till next time...

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