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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Minions, Mitts, & Cover-Ups

Hello Blog Friends,

More on those three "quickie" projects I mentioned last week.

MINIONS!  My youngest daughter, Kerri, is mad over Minions!  Here is the fabric for the Minion pillowcases that her Momma (me) is making her for Christmas.  

MITTS.  There is a story behind this project.  Here are a couple of oven mitts, cut out and ready to sew together and bind.  This fabric wasn't supposed to be oven mitts...it was supposed to be a hot-dish carryall cover (see previous post Purple Passion).  I had the fabric washed and quilted, but mis-measured (twice, even) and made a wrong cut.  I ran off to the fabric store, got new fabric, and finished the carryall in time for the bridal shower.  It seemed a shame to toss this fabric.   So, I repurposed this quilted fabric to new oven mitts. 

COVER-UP.  Here is a picture of the bedside table in my guest room.  You'll notice the retro look of the table, the lamp, the clock.  The one thing that stands out (like the proverbial sore thumb) is the tissue box (pink leopard is definitely not my style! LOL).  While sorting through my mother's sewing things, I found this fun kit from Connecting Threads for a tissue box cover.  And it will coordinate well with the green bed-cover and yellow walls in this room!  Mom to the rescue once again!

So, here are my projects for the next week.  I'll post a production report next week!

Til then...

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