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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Pillowcases, Pillowcases, Pillowcases

Hello Blog Friends,

The question is...is it too early to start thinking about Christmas 2017?  My answer is a resounding "No".  I think about the next years Christmas as early as Dec. 26!  As a matter of fact, I already have a start on it.  

Here is a cute pair of pillowcases that will be a gift at Christmas 2017.  And the lucky recipient is....it's a secret until the big unwrapping event happens.  

I was purging my stash again the other day, and found yardage enough to make these pillowcases for Denis and me:

Each year in April, I go on a scrapbooking retreat that daughter Kristy arranges.  This year at retreat, I'm donating a door prize consisting of this pillowcase, a bottle of wine, and dark chocolates:

Enough of pillowcases for now.   On to bigger and quiltier things...

Till next time....

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