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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Long May She Wave

Hello Blogger Friends,

I have one more project to share with you from the same fabric collection as Stars and Bars.  It is a wall hanging using a very interesting pattern piece:

Yes, this project requires curved piecing.  I know some of you cringe at the thought of curved piecing.  For me, it wasn't difficult since I was a garment maker for many years.  I found it mostly just to be "putzy".  Although, I would not recommend this project to someone who is just beginning to sew or piece.  Curved piecing can be tricky and does require patience.  I made this project over a succession of nights, so I paced myself a bit.  There were the occasional puckers and pleats that had to be removed and the seam re-sewn.  So what did I make with this odd shaped pattern piece?  Behold...

A flag wall hanging.  I named her "Long May She Wave".  I have yet to attach the backing and binding (bias, of course). 

Stars and Bars Update:  My backing fabric has finally arrived, so I'll be finishing those two runners.  I'm hoping to have photos of the finished projects in a week or so.

Until then...


  1. Oh so wonderful.
    Love your flag.
    Greetings from Germany, Grit