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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Stars and Bars II

Greetings Blogger Friends,

I've been busy these past few days, and have stayed true to my goal of spending time with the sewing machine.  I have the second table runner finished (made from leftovers from Stars and Bars).  This is a runner that I have planned for my piano bench.  The bench is long and narrow and sits in front of our front window.  I use it to display seasonal decorations.  I've named it Stars and Bars II, since it is an off-shoot of the original.
(This is kind of a strange, distorted picture..it was hard to get it all in the shot.) 

I haven't yet received the backing fabric I sent for last week, so I've been working on a new project and finishing a UFO.  More on these two items in the next couple of posts.

The weekend is quickly coming to a close, and so am I.  Until next time...

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