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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Barn Quilt Quest July 2013

Hello Blog Friends,

So sorry I've been away so long.  We were out of town on the weekend of July 19-21.  We were in La Crosse for a train show, then the races Saturday night at the fair.  It is a about a 3 1/2 hour ride from La Crosse to home, and we were tired after the busy weekend.  La Crosse is my home town, so of course I spent some time looking at the old haunts.  Unfortunately, I didn't get much sewing done this past week.  I mean to put the pedal to the metal (to borrow a phrase) and get the machine humming this coming week.  I really need to get the patriotic items finished before it is fall and time to put them away.

We were in Door County yesterday all day, and did some Barn Quilt hunting.  Here are some of the favorites we saw:
Chicken Chapel.  These people raise chickens. 
 Four Blazes Hearts.  This was a small shelter for two horses and it shows that you can put a barn quilt on any structure!
 Tumbling Maple Leaves
 Log Cabin

Black & White Star
We didn't have time to get them all...we got to Door County a lot, so we will save them for the next trip.
Until next time...

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