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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Quilt Expo, Madison WI

Hello Blog Friends,

Well, I have been busy making pages and working closer to finishing the Chicago trip scrapbook album.

Last Saturday (Sept 7), however, I took a break and attended the Quilt Expo in Madison, WI.  I had also intended to delivery my pillowcases to UW Children's Hospital.  Little did I realize (until we got to Madison that morning) that the UW Badgers football game was also that day.  Camp Randall stadium is only about 4 blocks from the hospital, so we saved our plan to visit the hospital for another day.

We (Denis and I) spent about 5 hours at the Quilt Expo.  We looked at the quilts on display in the show, and he read his NOOK while I shopped the booths.  (He likes looking at the quilts, but not at the vendor booths).

Landscape and other non-traditional quilts caught my eye this year.  Here are some examples:
by Natalie Sewell ( I didn't catch the title of this piece)

The Red Barn, also by Natalie Sewell

Cereal Killer Strikes Again by Phyllis Kluger

Tessellating Wings by Wendy Butler Burns

A nice example of a "slice" quilt.  Bentonville Square by Karen Kielmeyer

A beautiful southwestern triptych entitled "Monument Valley Sunset" by Cathy Geier.
We did find some more traditional examples of quilts that we liked.  I'll post photos of those next time.  

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