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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Camp Grandma 2016 - Sewing Pillows!

Hello Blogger Friends!

Last week, I had the pleasure of the company of my three grandchildren from West Bend.  Zach, Hailey and Bridget spent three days here at Camp Grandma. We played games, did jigsaw puzzles, baked cookies, and completed a sewing project.

L to R:  Hailey, Bridget, Zach

As I've been making pillowcases for gifts or donation, I always buy a little extra fabric, and as a result, have small leftovers pieces.  I've been cutting them into 5" charm squares and stacking them up.  Eventually, I want to make donation quilts with them for Project Linus.  I brought the squares out of storage, had the kids go through and pick out 18 squares that they liked.  From these squares, we made simple 9 patch blocks and added a 1 1/2" border.  When all was done, we had two sides of a 14" pillow!  

The kids all did their own sewing.  Zach is 12, Hailey is 10 and Bridget is 9.  I've seen quilts at quilt shows made by children that age, so I figured these three could do it!  With a little instruction and practice, these three very bright kids were soon sewing up a storm.  They did all the sewing on the blocks themselves and even attached the borders.  They look like pros:

Grandma (me) sewed the two sides together and closed the opening for the pillow.  This project took one whole day to complete, but created lasting memories for all of us, and a keepsake to take home, too.

Next post...Three projects in process for January.

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