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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Seeing Red and More!

Hello Blogger Friends!

Happy New Year!  Well, the Christmas tree and household trimmings are now all put away for another 11 months.  Till then, I can promise you that I'll be busy with sewing and scrapping projects alike.  

This month I'm multi-tasking and working on several projects at once:

1.  Seeing Red.  A local quilt shop is running a little challenge project for January.  It is essentially a stash-buster quilt, focusing on clearing out those fat quarters that do seem to accumulate.  Here's the rules:  Week 1, stop by the shop, get pattern, sew 5 blocks.  Week 2, stop by the shop, buy 2 fats to add to your quilt, sew 5 blocks.  A social get together on 2nd Saturday.  Week 3, sew another 5 blocks, bring all 15 to shop, get free spool of thread.  Week 4, sew final 5 blocks, assemble quilt top.  4th Saturday is another get together will all members to show off quilt tops!   

There is one color that is dominant in my fabric stash, my home and my life...you guessed it,  RED!  I love red.  I have a red car, red purse, red computer mouse, red phone cover, red camera in my purse, etc, etc, etc.  You get the idea.  This quilt called for 30 fat quarters...20 in a dark, 10 in a light.  Well, believe me when I tell you that I had no problem finding 20 red fats to use in this quilt.  I am also a big fan of white on white prints and use them alot.  So, I had a number of these also.   

The pattern for this project is called Big Shoos to Fill, a variation of the Shoo-Fly Block.  Pattern is by purple pineapple studio.  Here is one of my completed blocks:

It is an easy block to cut and sew.  This block is a whopping 18" square when finished.  The quilt itself will be 72" x 90".

This quilt will be mine, mine, all MINE!  A great way to start the year, by making a present for Me!  I call it Seeing Red (what else?).  I already had its name picked out before I started sewing.

2.  T-Shirt quilt.  Started, but only at about 10%.  Must be finished and ready for gifting by Feb. 2.  

3.  Town Square.   This is a quilt kit I picked up in my travels last fall.  It will also be for us.  I want to get this one at least started, but Seeing Red and the T-Shirt quilt come first.  I think this project will be perfect to keep the Winter Doldrums from setting in come February.

A full list of projects to keep me busy this month.  I'll update on all this coming weekend.  Till then...

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