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Saturday, March 18, 2017

South for the Week! Florida projects

Hello Blog Friends!

It is Florida week here in Susan's Craft Room.  I've been working on some smaller project this week.  

This first one is a birthday gift for my middle daughter, Kim.   It is a beach bag made from vinyl mesh and fabric with dolphins.  Dolphins are her favorite animal.  Kim and her family go to Florida at least once a year.  This will come in handy on their next trip to the beach.

Here is a wall hanging for Kim's mother-in-law, Helen.  Helen owns a house in Kissimmee, Florida.  She was kind enough to let us stay there for a week in early February.   It was nice to stay in a home setting, instead of a hotel for 7 days.  This cute little wall hanging is my way of saying thank you.  She has a few flamingos as a decoration already, so this one will seem right at home.  All fabrics and buttons were from my own stash, except the pink for the flamingo and the backing.  The large yo-yos add an interesting dimension to the piece, don't you think?  The pattern is called Simply Flamingo by Marcia Layton.  I found the pattern quite by surprise....one day we traveled from Kiss to St Augustine, but by way of Hwy 1 and A1A.  While passing through New Smyrna Beach, I spotted Seaside Sewing and Quilts.  The ladies within were very nice.  I found this pattern there...how perfect was that?   And don't you just love the backing?

Here is a pillowcase using Florida postcard fabric.  Also for my daughter Kim, so she can dream Florida dreams at night.

Finally, two more pillowcases, only these are for us.  The yellow one will be mine and the blue one for my husband Denis.  Now we, too, can dream Florida dreams all year round!

Up next...UFO sightings!  Till then...

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