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Monday, May 8, 2017

Lonely Sewing Machine

Hello Blog Friends,

My poor sewing machine is lonely.  It has been more than a month since I've visited it, yet it stands ready to work for me!   April was a heck of a busy month!

Influenza.  Even though I dutifully get a flu shot every fall, I still got the Influenza at the beginning of the month.  Which really annoyed the heck out of me!  And we all know that sewing and 101 degree fever do not mix.

House Painting.  Just as I was recovering from the flu, the inside of our house was painted.  That meant moving furniture around, and although my craft room was not painted, it became a storage room for various and sundry furniture pieces.  I literally had no access to my poor sewing machine.

Spring Cleaning/Rummage Sale.  Our neighborhood rummage sale was just this past weekend, and we all know how much prep work is needed for that!  I've also been going through closets and cupboards and doing some major downsizing.  Here was our setup for the sale.

Scrapping Retreat.  Several weeks ago I was at a nice scrapbooking retreat just outside of Crivitz.  Here's my set up there:

I was able to finish the book from our Key West vacation in Dec. 2015, and also get caught up on an ongoing book of the plays and concerts that we see.  It was a productive weekend.  Here are some of my favorite pages from the KW book:

So, you see, I haven't just been sitting around sipping wine or eating bon-bons all day.  I've been busy, busy everyday, so much so that I don't know where the time goes.  Thank goodness I'm retired now...I don't have time to work outside the home!!

So, dear sewing machine, my plan is to come back to you beginning this week.  I have quilts to make and still have those UFOs to finish up.  Hang in there, I'll see you in a day or so!

And, I hope to have sewing news updates for all of you blog readers next post.  Till then...

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