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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Mary's Quilt

Hello Blog Friends,

Here is a little show and tell for you.  But first, of course, it starts with a story...Denis and I were out rummage sale-ing last summer  just south of Green Bay.  I happened upon a sale of all quilting stuff!  The entire garage was full.  It seems the lady who owned it all passed away, and her daughter was trying to liquidate some of it.  The lady also worked at a local quilt shop in Green Bay, so there were a lot of kits, some started, some not.  I picked up one of those kits, a series of 12 blocks, a BOM project for an entire year.  

The project was a study in using special rulers...easy angle, companion angle, and tri-recs.  I inherited the easy angle from my mom, and borrowed the rest from my quilting friend, Cathy.  Each block was a different pattern, and some seemed to build on lessons learned in previous blocks.

The blocks all used the same background fabric.  Instructions for cutting weren't always clear, and I made a couple of mistakes.  Because the fabrics included were barely large enough for pieces needed, I had to substitute from my own stash here and there.  All in all, I think they turned out OK.

I intend to set these blocks on point in a very unique and fun setting (from a book lent to me by Cathy).  The setting uses 11 blocks, which is a good thing.  The last block I tried was the most intricate, and developed issues when I tried to sew the sub-units together.  I don't know if I cut wrong or sewed wrong, all I know is that the result was wrong.  After ripping and re-sewing three times with no success, I gave up, threw it in the trash, cut losses and moved on.  

Here are some of the blocks that did work out OK:

I feel bad about not even knowing my benefactor's name.  And so, I've named her Mary.  And this will henceforth be known as Mary's quilt.

I have my next project on deck...a modern wall-art piece, quite unlike what I usually make.  But, I saw the sample in the quilt shop and loved it.  We'll see how it turns out.  Till next time...

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