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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Up in Flames

Hello Blog Friends!

No, things are not as dire as this post's title suggests...Just a little play on words from me to get your attention.

A little bit about my current project...it is a modern wall art quilt, somewhat outside my usual more traditional quilts.  I saw the finished sample in the store and it has the desired effect on me...I bought it.  

This is an applique quilt, and I have chosen to use a blanket stitch, however with thread matching the fabric piece, so the shapes seem to float on the background.  

Here are the main fabrics I'm using for this project:
 Shades of fabric from deep red to pale yellow.
Here is a close up of the fabrics.  I like them because of the gold accents.

Oh...and a little hint of the piece's name....Flame.   I'll let you ponder on that one until next time....

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