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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Potato Chip Pillowcase

Here's the latest quick project I've just completed.  It is yet again another pillowcase.  This one was made for my grandson Conner.  His pillowcase story begins at Christmas...  Kristy is his mother, and she received two Packer pillowcases.  Corey is his little brother and he received two pillowcases during his recent stay at Children's Hospital in Madison.  Chris is Kristy's sig other and he received a golf pillowcase at Christmas.  Cameron and Cory are Chris' boys and they each received an M&M pillowcase at Christmas.  Kristy and Chris and boys have all recently moved in together.  It has not escaped Conner's attention that he is the only one without a special pillowcase.  Grandma (that would be me) just could not let Conner go without, so she made him a special pillowcase.  It is made of a potato chip print because, you guessed it, the boy loves potato chips.  The band is a chocolate brown print, and the contrast strip is a dark brown color.  It is waiting for Conner on his bed, and he will find it tomorrow night when he comes back home for the weekend.  What are Grandmas for, if not to make things right with the world?
To Conner, with Love from Grandma.

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