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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Denim Dreams Denim Rag Quilt

Hello Friends,

I'm home from the scrapbooking retreat, and have finally caught up on my sleep.  Today's post takes us back into the archives so I can share a denim rag quilt I made for Denis' nephew Kurt for Christmas 2011.  I named it Denim Dreams.  Kurt had just moved into a new apartment that was a little cold in the winter, so this quilt came in handy just in time for the cold Michigan winter.  He told me recently that he used it everyday and kept him very warm.

I began searching out the denims for this quilt in the summer of 2011.  Denis and I like to poke around in rummage and garage sales.  What better place to find a variety of denim colors and patterns (and for cheap) but at these sales?  And, they were well washed and broken in.  I found all the denims I needed for about $15.00, all nicely softened up.  I used a layer of flannel in the center as the batting, and a nice burgundy heather print flannel (from the Maywood Woolies line) for the back.  It is a heavy quilt.  I cut one of the squares with a pocket and used it to make the label.

This quilt measures 48" x 63" and is made in the "rag" style, meaning the raw edges of the seams are on the outside.  Small cuts are made in the seam allowance, then the quilt is washed and dried several times, so the cuts can fray. 

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