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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Daffodils in Bloom!

Hello friends! 

Spring has arrived here in Wisconsin!  An official sign of spring is the  blooming of the daffodils.  Here are a couple of pictures of my daffodil flower bed on the south side of our house.  I transplanted the bulbs from another location in the yard several years ago, and it has taken them a few years to establish themselves. 
There are more buds ready to bloom there in the center, and also notice the white flowers just coming out on the far right.

Tulips are also planted in this bed and will soon come to bloom.  You can see some of their leaves in the picture. 

The bulbs are planted in a narrow area between a pea stone walkway and the house.  Covering the soil is a layer of 1 1/2" river rock.  The spring sun warms the stones, which in turn warms the earth below, waking the bulbs from their long winter's rest.  It is always such a ray of hope for spring's renewal when I see the first green shoots make their way through the rocks.  It is as if the daffodils themselves with their sunny yellow faces are welcoming spring once again.

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