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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Flannel Squared Flannel Lap Quilt

Hello friends,

I am once again hard at work making curtains, and trying to get them finished up so my grandsons can enjoy them.  In the meantime, I'd like to share another of my finished quilts.

We live in a split level home.  When you come in the front door, you are in a small landing with stairs going up and down.  Bedrooms, kitchen and dining room are upstairs, and a family room, Denis' office, and my office/craft room are downstairs.  Since the majority of the lower level is below ground, it gets chilly down there, especially in the winter.  My poor husband was freezing while watching TV, a movie, or reading.  So, what better thing to do but to make him a nice, warm lap quilt, made of flannel of course! 

Flannel is my absolute favorite fabric to work with.  If I could make nothing but flannel quilts, life would be perfect.  Of course, I know that flannel is not quite suited for every purpose.  It was well suited to this one, however. 

This quilt is made from the pattern "Flannel Flinders Too" by Pine Tree Lodge Designs.  (I've linked their name to their website.  This pattern is still current.)   Since I wanted this quilt to have a masculine feel, I chose to make it scrappy and used a variety of different prints in blues, browns, and dark reds.  The quilt features sashing and a cornerstones surrounding each solid block.  It also features a pieced outer border, and a pieced binding from all the fabrics in the quilt.  No fabric went to waste on this one!  The backing is a green heather flannel print.  Quilting was kept to a simple cross-hatch pattern through the center blocks, and a straight line all the way around through the outer border. 

The quilt is 51" x 66" and was made in 2010.  It was easy to and fun to make.  It has kept Denis warm now through two winters, and is also a favorite spot for Betty the Kat to nap (especially when Denis' lap is underneath it!).

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