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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Little Princess in Pink and Purple Doll Quilts

Hello Blog Friends,

Remember the Princess in Pink and Princess in Purple bed quilts I made for my granddaughters?  Well, for Christmas (2012) Denis and I decided to give the girls 18" dolls, complete with a doll bunk bed, doll closet and doll clothes.  It was a gift that Denis, Mom and I all had a hand in.  Denis made the doll closet, Mom made the doll clothes, and I made the doll bedding.  We purchased the bunk bed.

Here are the two dolls (making like Vanna White) with their beds and the two doll quilts that I made for them.  Yep, I had enough of the pink princess fabrics left over to make two quilts.  I also made a flannel blanket and a pillow and pillowcase for their little heads to lie on. 
The quilts were made of 4 nine-patch  blocks with sashing, borders, and a traditional binding.  The pillowcase was made with French seams, of course.

 Denis made the doll closet to fit the clothes hangers. 
I think the most fun I had with this was posing the dolls for these pictures!
Hailey and Bridget were thrilled to receive the dolls and all their gear.  I hear from their momma that they play with them everyday.

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  1. I love the pictures mom!!!! The girls love Emma and Abby. They play with them all the time!! Their doll bunk bed is right at the end of their bunk bed.