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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dino Dreams, Quilt Top

Hello Blog Friends!

Well, I have been hard at work, trying to complete the Dino Dreams quilt top by the end of the weekend.  I'm happy to report that I've achieved my goal!  Here is a photo of the finished top.  This is a large quilt...it covers the top of this double bed!  The block I showed you in my previous post makes for an interesting pattern when joined with the others. 

Because this is for a child, I plan to use flannel for the backing, so it has a soft and cuddly aspect.  I will use black for the binding.  I have some longer pieces of the dino border stripe, and plan to use a stripe on the back also.

I ran in to some issues with the pattern (free, downloaded from Avlyn).  As a seasoned sewer, I was able to compensate for mis-labeled assembly instructions and incorrect measurements.  A beginner would have had difficulties with this.  I downloaded this pattern several years ago, and hopefully Avlyn has corrected the errors by now.

I'll be completing this soon, as Zach's birthday on July 5 is fast approaching.  This coming week I'll be taking a short hiatus from sewing.  I'll share the finished product with you soon.

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  1. Susan, do you know if this pattern is still available? Having problems finding it.