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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Antique Golf Club Display

Hello Bloggers!

This year Denis hand made an antique golf club display for my brother, Dave.  Denis had some old golf clubs and Dave is an avid golfer...a perfect combination.

Denis acquired the set of golf clubs in 1969, when he was 16 years old.  A friend of his did some odd jobs for a wealthy family in town.  One of those odd jobs was to clean out a garage packed full of stuff.  One of the things was an old golf bags with clubs in it.  Anything the family didn't want was up for grabs, so Denis' friend took them.  Denis bought them from him for $5.  These golf clubs were made in Scotland by the Andrews Golf Co (under the George Nicoll brand name) and came out about the time the transition from hickory to steel shafts was happening (we figure circa 1940's).  These are steel shafted clubs, but painted to look like wood.  Denis chose the three most interesting clubs for the display...the Mashie, the Spade Mashie, and the Mashie Niblic.  Denis crafted the display out of hardwood, stained and poly coated the pieces, and added a nice green felt backing.  Here's the finished product:

We gave it to Dave today.  He loved it.

Good Job, Denis!   More on my holiday handiwork next post.

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