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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pinewood Derby Memory Book

Welcome Back Blog Friends!

In addition to some sewing projects for Christmas 2013, I also made several scrapbooking gifts.

This book is an accordion book, which means the front and back cover and inner pages are all attached.  It is the 9" x 9" size and is sold by Close to My Heart (now retired, but you can still find them occasionally on eBay).

I made this book for my oldest Grandson, Conner, who is in Cub Scouts and participates each year in the Pinewood Derby.  Conner won first place in his age group in 2012 (I made him a book last year for Christmas too), and repeated that achievement this year.  Since I made him a book to commemorate the day last year, it was a "given" that I would make one this year too.  Here are some of select pages from the book:

Conner has the glasses, the other young man is his brother Corey (who took 3rd in his age group).
Conner's car is the 3 musketeers bar in the middle.

 I got some great action shots of the cars crossing the finish line.  Conner's car ran in 6 races and won each one!

Here is Conner with his book on Family Christmas Day.
I made another one of these accordion books as a Christmas gift for Denis' brother and his wife.  More on that one next time.  Thanks for stopping by!

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