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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Baby, it's COLD outside!!

Hello Blog friends!  Well, we are all locked in the deep freeze.  Right now it's -13 degrees, wind chill -36 degrees.  A little warmer than our sunrise temp of -18 degrees. 

The business where I work has been closed today and yesterday, but I haven't just been laying around watching movies and eating bon-bons.  I have actually been sewing, and made a cute quilted tablet cover for myself.  Both Denis and I bought new phones and tablets a couple of weeks ago.  I have been nervous about carrying mine around without any protection.  So, I raided my stash and happened to find some prints in red and white (what else?..as you can tell, red happens to be my favorite color). 

I free motion quilted the cover and inside pocket flap with a small meander.  Then, I added a fabric pocket to the quilted pocket flap.  I also added an accent strip and some ribbon (from my scrapbooking stash) to the front.  I used a button and a fabric loop as a closure.  The entire piece is bound in a white tone-on-tone print of small flowers. 

 I have a filled the pockets with a small pad of paper, a pen, a stylus, my "hot spot", and some screen wipes.  I'll also tuck the charging cord in the same pocket as the hot spot.  My tablet is now good to go!

On to the next project...a cute little Dresden plate candle mat.  I'll be back with the finished product soon.

Stay warm and safe in the cold.


  1. What a great idea I have seen a lot of tables and note pads with cracked screens. The fabrics you used look great.

    Cheers Pauline

    1. Thanks Pauline. It's my favorite color, can you tell?