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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pillowcases, Part 2

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, those first 10 pillowcases were not the end of this pillowcase story.  I made some Packer pillowcases for both my daughter Kristy and for Lynda, my sister-in-law (they are both AVID Packer fans!).  After than I got to thinking about my other two daughters, their husbands, my mom, my brother, Denis, and then, what the heck, myself.  So, a few more pillowcases to be made.
I made this one for Crystal, the daughter of a good friend at work.  She is 10 and loves wolves. 
This one is for my brother Dave.  He is a Guitar Man.
 This is Chris, Kristy's sig other.  He's a golfer.
Here's Lynda and her Packer pillow case. 
And Kristy with hers.
 Here's Denis.  He (I'm helping him) is building a HO model railroad layout in our family room.
 My youngest Kerri, who has loved Mickey Mouse since she was little.
 This is Kim's.  She loves orca.
This one is Doug's.  He's a baseball fan. 
This one has a sewing theme.  Guess who belongs to this one...you guessed it...Me!

 This one features Kokopelli in vibrant southwest colors.  This one is for Mom.
 Rick is the deer hunter in our family.  This one was his.
These are two fun M & M pillowcases.  Two very nice boys named Cameron and Cory received these. 
So here we all are, wearing our pillowcases on our heads.  I don't know why...it's just what we do!
Once I decided to make a special pillowcase for each member of the family,  I faced the daunting task of finding just the right fabric print for each person.  I found almost everything at Fabric.com  They have a fantastic selection of novelty prints and great prices and free shipping over $35.00.  They are my favorite place to shop for fabric on the internet, and the first place I go when looking for that special fabric.
No, friends, this is still not the end of the saga of the "Pillowcases of 2012".  There is still more to come in Pillowcases, Part 3.

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