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Friday, March 29, 2013

Pillowcases, Part 3

So, you ask, how long can this Pillowcase Saga go on?  I'm happy to report that this is the third and final installment.  After I was done making pillowcases for my family, I couldn't very well leave Denis' family out, so I found fabric for 4 more.  Here are the results:
 This one is for Denis' brother, Gordon.  He's a fisherman.
 Heather, Denis' niece, is a graduate of Michigan (twice). 
 Kurt is Denis' nephew and is into computers and computer games.  Pac-Man for him.
 This was a fitting subject for Bev (sister-in-law).  She loves chocolate.
Here we all are with our cases.  You know what comes next....
Yep...you guessed it, on our heads.
In all, I made 30 pillowcases in the fall of 2012.  In the process, I perfected the pattern and my pillowcase making skills.  My enthusiasm for pillowcases has not dulled, however.  I'm ready to make more!


  1. I'd love a tutorial on how to make these :-) Sounds like you took the best of all the tuts and made the your own and they all came out just lovely - Thank you


  2. Dee, I actually do have a pattern complete with pictures that I have shared with a few friends. I'll see about posting the pattern and sewing instructions. Thanks for looking and come back again soon!